The inventors of “the passion economy” thesis, live on Zoom

I'm interviewing Li Jin and Adam Davidson on Friday!

Hey! This Friday at 11am pacific, we have a special episode of Means of Creation that is free and open to all, featuring Adam Davidson and Li Jin, who both independently developed the “passion economy” thesis around the same time!

I’ve been a fan of Adam’s work for at least a decade now. He the co-founder of NPR’s Planet Money podcast, and a New Yorker staff writer who authored "The Passion Economy: The New Rules for Thriving in the Twenty-First Century," a book that explores stories of people who followed their dreams to craft a livelihood. He also writes a newsletter here.

Moderated by me, Adam and Li will discuss topics including:

  1. How did they independently arrive at their theses on the passion economy?
  2. How do both of them even define the passion economy? What does it encompass?
  3. Are marketplaces like Etsy examples of the Passion Economy?
  4. What is investible in this space? Can big businesses be built if they empower workers?

Interested? This one is free! RSVP below:

As always these conversations are recorded and will be distributed soon in our forthcoming podcast and YouTube channel. Thanks!

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