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Napkin Math

First Steps to Buy A School Bus Company

Last week I pitched the idea of buying a school bus operator. This week I tell you how to do it.

πŸ”’ Sep 9, 2020 by Adam Keesling

Napkin Math

Can Political Betting Markets Predict Election Outcomes?

Polls and pundits don't do a good job of predicting election results. But what about prediction markets? In this post, we discuss what makes a good market and what could cause it to be wrong.

Nov 4, 2020 by Adam Keesling

Napkin Math

Your Uncle Is Still Your Uncle: Ant Pulls Its IPO

Ant's IPO has been taken down. What happened, what do you need to know and what should we expect to see next?

πŸ”’ Nov 6, 2020 by Adam Keesling

Napkin Math

Revenue: It’s Simple, Until It Isn’t

Finally, a clear explanation of bookings, billings and revenue

3 Feb 5, 2021 by Evan Armstrong

Napkin Math

A Local News Revival

How product, marketing, and cost innovations create a massive opportunity

πŸ”’ Jan 30, 2021 by Adam Keesling